Strato-King Spacecraft

Out of business ship manufacturing firm on Beaumonde.


Starship manufacturing firm put out of business during the Unification war.


Strato-King Spacecraft was founded 50 years before the Unification war by a young businessman from Paquin named Reginald King. It was originally founded in a small, nearly run down ship yard where Reginald King and a few hired hands refit a handful of used craft with anemities and features fit for royalty. After less than 2 years Strato-King Spacecraft had been founded and within 5 more years had gone public. In that time the company had made friends with many larger ship manufacturing firms and was using pieces from larger companies to assemble into it's own nearly unique designs. The mix of technolgies available to the company made it one of the most advanced ship building companies in it's day, though it's production was always limited and it's price tags always high.

 Most of the ships constructed by Strato-King prior to the war were luxury craft. Unique custom cruise ships, private yachts, touring galleys, etc. In all, some 2,500 ships were produced, the most popular being their yacht, which though each custom built, adopted a few common hull designs. The most popular of the yatchs were the Sunflyer, a 2000 ton personal pleasure craft and the Angel, a 4500 ton fast yacht. The angel achieved limited fame before the war as a racing craft, a few having been built for speed in addition to it's normal long range performance and having been entered into racing events, though an angel never actually took first place in any such events, it always gave a strong performance.

 When the Unification war broke out, Strato-King's business took a serious hit. The demand for luxury craft had gone down and Beaumonde rapidly became a staging ground for skimishes in the war. The business all but disappeared, but it wasn't till near the end of the war that it actually shut down, having had it's factories and primary offices struck as 'collateral' damage in the war. There was never any official record of what the company did between closing shop to the public and eventually being put permanently out of business, but the rumors around Beaumonde in the area where the factory used to stand, the rumors are that the company was supplying ships and modifying ships for the independents and that there was no coincident in it's factories being devistated in the attack. The owner died at some point during the war though there is no official word how. Some believe he was in the factory when it was struck and others claim he's still alive and well, living at a private estate somewhere on a frontier planet.

 Among the technologies that made Strato-craft so remarkable included hydro-magnetic skins on their craft that can direct air around the craft, allowing it to maneuver and fly without the use of the main engines when in an atmosphere, but the process required to ionize the air for causes the craft to glow with an electric halo when employing the system. Another feature, which was employed on the angel is a combination of variable wing surfaces and resizable vacuum pockets within the wings. The end result is a boyancy effect in an atmosphere as the hollow vacuum cavities reduce the mass to size ratio of the craft and with large enough pockets actually makes the craft lighter than air, but the angel looks very awkard in full lighter than air mode and the system is seldom employed as more than a complement to the hydro-magneto drive to make atmospheric maneuvering and the initial stages of leaving a planet's surface extremely efficient.

Strato-King Spacecraft

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